All about Jazz – Michael Bailey – 06 / 2016

Zum Release der CD „Fette Hupe: Sacred Concerts (Duke Ellington)“:

„Toward his twilight, Duke Ellington composed and performed three sacred concerts in 1965 „A Concert of Sacred Music“; 1968 „Second Sacred Concert“, 1973 „Third Sacred Concert“. These were personal statements by Ellington, bearing his indelible stamp of grace and charity. There have been precious few, if any at all, performance of these pieces by other bands. Presently is the German concerns Fette Hupe &Junges Vokalensemble Hannover, under the directions of Klaus-Jürgen Etzold and Jörn Marcussen-Wulff, respectively, blow the dust off of several selections from the concerts, giving them a hard buffing to a high shine. Ellington’s spacious orchestration is well captured and represented.“

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